BLANKSWORD - A turn-based RPG about trying to put yourself back together.

Hey, everyone. First post on this forum and first post on forums in general in… half a decade?
(Gosh, this format brings back memories.)

I’m Quinn. I’ve done a few games over the pandemic (which you can find here), and because I apparently have no regard for my physical and mental well-being, nor for my free time, I’ve decided my next project after many RPG Maker 2003-created games would be a turn-based RPG made in Game Maker Studio 2. Here’s how that looks at the moment:


The game's title upon the first frame of its opening cutscene.

The gist of this game is that you’re a small being living in a place named “His Country”, and get attacked and grievously wounded by an unknown assailant in the dark.

A snippet from the opening cutscene.

The wound they deal you entirely removes your brain from your body- but miraculously, you’re not dead. You get up. You don’t know what name you had previously, but now, the game calls you “BLANK”.

The pull that keeps you going is finding out who you were, who tried to kill you, and what this odd world you’re in even is.

What is it?

A battle scene (VERY WIP)

A roguelite JRPG (yes, really). It has a big focus on narrative and immersion in a sizable world with many different paths, while also carrying the threat of considerable loss of progress. There’s some mechanics that make overworld traversal quick and interesting, and turn-based combat with a (soon-to-be) intricate system of character and move-customisation. BLANK’s lack of brain and personality makes him an interesting canvas for that.


One of BLANK's moves, the "zip", showcased in a rotting apartment building.

Development on this game has been difficult thus far. Actively, it’s been in progress for one year now, and there’s definitely a lot of challenges still left to tackle. The move-customisation system, the dialogue system, the battle system’s intricacies with regard to status effects etc. etc. We spent about a half-year in development hell because, simply put, I was overworking myself and not sufficiently well-versed in programming to put this on its feet with as little assistance as I was seeking.

BLANK almost falling asleep at a relaxing beach.

So now, I got a bunch of help!

The team:

What I do is pixel art for portraits and enemies, programming, writing and production. Even so, I’m only one half of BLANKSWORD’s game design team; The other half is Leaf Let, who also writes the majority of the music for it and designs the sound. Other people on the team aside from us are:

  • kroolnunusual: Programming
  • Kitet Frog: Concept art, visual development, battle character art
  • June Flower: Environment art, sprite animation
  • Bowser: [not that one] Overworld sprite art, sprite animations
  • Lady Saytenn: Music
  • Rigilpaix: NPC writing, assistence writing
  • Folgers: NPC writing, battle bark writing
  • Sprite Star: Large scale sprite art:
  • Mibyle: Marketing, sensitivity reading
  • Shannon Strucci: Voice acting

I’ll be keeping this devlog updated as muich as I possibly can- things are developing and advancing quite rapidly at this stage, so expect fairly frequent posts for a bit.

Thanks for taking a look! Feel free to ask any questions you got. I think this game is still at a stage where being asked questions and poked on some of the systems could lead to a lot of positive change, so- your help is appreciated! :pray:


so, i dont like bumping this thread after it got no replies, but for what its worth, BLANKSWORD now has a public presence:

we got a newsletter that people can sign up to if they want to and everything. :gms_explosion: nice!


since i last i posted about the game, theres been a bunch of improvements to it, too! the battle screen looks snazzier, and weve got a bunch of neat new screen transitions.


also, the dialogue system is far more involved now! woaw. >:)

BLANKSWORD’s future looks pretty nifty, now! im really excited :pray:

aough i hope our game gets a trophy!! for best game about a bug with a swoard. casting spell of silksong prematurely defeated forever!!!