Debug magazine

What do you think of this publication?

I have read the first two issues. It’s not bad. They do cover a lot of games, including many that I haven’t heard of, but they still focus mainly on the high production value and/or high-concept games that are typical of indie coverage. They also haven’t covered many RPGs so far. There are probably fewer indie RPGs than some other genres, but they are still pretty overlooked on most sites even considering that.

I definitely don’t think there are enough publications about indies out there. Interesting to see that as a model they are starting off fully behind a paywall? This seems like a very new thing, so I’m surprised there’s not a demo issue or something anywhere (maybe I’m just missing something). While I do kinda think “meh” when I see indie-focused content focused on the things that already make waves, sometimes our own little space online can kind of cloud that judgement. If these are physical and they are actually somehow getting them on store shelves or at local libraries, etc. the content probably would be all brand-new to most passerby

There is no demo issue as far as I know, but each issue page has a sampler, such as here. Not sure if they have made it to newsstands or if they are mail-order only. They are based in the UK, so I have just bought the digital issues, since US$17 per issue is a little too steep for a physical copy. It is definitely optimized for print, though, so reading a PDF at my desk isn’t the greatest.

I have said before that I would pay for quality indie coverage (not the insulting stupidity we get from the major news sites), so I put my money where my mouth is and gave them a chance. I’m still undecided about it overall, but I will probably buy issue #3.