[Denweaver] Intro devlog #1

Hi I’m Triptych and I’m making a traditional web based mmo like from the 90s where you log in, collect stuff, farm stuff, raise magical creatures, decorate and expand your home, and … build dungeons for your friends to explore and go on quests for you.

Like animal crossing meets dungeon keeper.

Hope to share more soon, you can follow along at https://Denweaver.com

i love that you’re using a super modern webstack to host a very geocities site - when i clear+refresh the images all load in line-by-line - is that an intentional effect or is it just my internet speed?

I was in a jam sorta recently where we checked out kaboomjs, i found the structure pretty interesting to work with. is the plan to be mostly graphical or more text-based, like a MUD?

really fun concept! i love and miss games like this, so i’m excited to see where this goes! animal crossing + dungeon keeper is a great pitch lol