What is this place? How’d it come about? How do I get involved?

These questions are focused on in depth in the about aregames.art topic!

Where do I post about my…

  • Long-term ongoing videogame project? devlogs!
  • Longform project that ISN’T a game? webcomic, games journo, building a shed? also devlogs!
  • Library, tool, software for game development? still devlogs!
  • Complete, published, or gamejam game I just finished? for now, devlogs! A “finished games” section may come later.
  • Portfolio/gallery of my artwork? creative!
  • Revolutionary opinion on some other game like Dark Souls: The Board Game? etc is for general games talk.

I don’t have anything like the above, or it’s still under wraps! What can I do here?

Look at the things other users are doing, and share your feedback and advice on them. Participate in chatting about general topics in etc. Be silly, but also nice to everyone. If you are a good friend people will be very excited when you do start something to share about!

Is this a scene?

No. Having everyone bound by a specific aesthetic code or set of influences, while producing some cool results, isn’t the goal here. Falling too deep into those things ends up excluding everyone else. The point is to leverage a community of people from tons of backgrounds to just talk about and improve at the craft, whether it’s art or design or code.

Is there a discord server or IRC I can join?

Nope. This is intentional to make sure conversations aren’t being spread out around multiple locations, and we all have an equal sense of what’s going on in the community.

How is this different from Tigsource?

tigsource was for cave story clones. this is for glover clones