is there an ironic/deprecative term to refer to game developers?

thinking about how all of a sudden like 5 years ago everybody started saying ‘whats up gamers’ as a kind of ironic how-do-you-do. is indie dev a big enough audience to get something like this one day?

historically i can think of a few similar situations - like i’ve heard the term ‘gammak’ thrown around to refer to someone who is in the act of making games - but it’s technically a verb, and i don’t see ‘gammaker’ sticking. there was also a period of time where those who were in the know would refer to videogames as ‘vidcons’ which if i remember right was mostly a callback to Tales of Game’s stuff - basically saying it was signing off that you believed in a sort of trickster punk/trashgame way of going about indiedev, or at least you had the pretension to try to.

anyone else ever think about this kind of nominational terminology stuff? want to propose something else cool we could adopt one day?

i can’t think of anything honestly

how do people talk about gamedevs?
how do they talk about gamedevs that make “barely-a-game” games?

well in seriousness this is probably one of the cases where they de-categorize or try to erase someone’s achievements in that regard.

i guess personally i ascribe myself ‘indiet’ as a kind of symbol that i need to get off my high horse sometimes. but i dont think its the type of thing an entire group would adopt