music! what are you listening to?

post links to what you’re listening to!

was supposed to see this group live last friday, but they cancelled the whole tour… really wanted to see the opener they had too. ah well, now I’ve got it on loop this weekend

omg that sucks that they canceled!! this song is super cool tho! i haven’t heard of these guys until now. my favorite band, black dresses, is playing in toronto tonight. it’s their first in person show since i started listening to them and i can’t make it T_T. pouring one out for missed concerts

this is my favorite recent release. the whole album goes crazy

just listened to this whole thing after your link! super wild! is there something i’m missing with the track that is just silent? do i need to look at it in a spectogram lol
i got confused a second, the preview doesn’t show the artist name until you play, and this sounded REALLY poppy for black dresses hahaha. im curious if you’ve seen Fallow by Ada Rook - i knew about ada rook from pixel art/games before i’d ever heard black dresses

i think my post was misleading. the song i linked is by six impala. i meant it as two seperate things, but i can see how that was not clear. i also do not think you are missing anything about the silent track LMAO they just like to troll you like this.

i’ve played fallow! tbh i found it really hard to follow, and i didn’t end up finishing it, but i liked the pixel art and environments. i am a huge stan of ada rook in general. does she have other games? i never really associated her as a game designer or pixel artist

I’m a huge fan of Black Dresses as well, I got into them from their remix on the 1000 gecs album for what that’s worth…
Recently been really enjoying the newest King Gizzard album PetroDraconic Apocalypse [etc], it’s kind of trash metal as they’ve done before, but it’s way proggier and goes crazy on the time signatures. Really loving it.

yessss that was also my introduction to black dresses! originally i heard devi mccalion on laura les’s big summer jams 2018. i just became obsessed with the shit she can do with her voice.

is “trash metal” a genre?

Oh I guess it’s “thrash” metal lol :melting_face: genre names are just vibes to me, and “thrash” and “trash” are essentially the same word but one is more British and the other more American (joke).

Have you listened to NIN? It occupies a nearby region in my brain to Black Dresses

no i haven’t. what album would u recomend?

I started with his first album Pretty Hate Machine, it’s a little cheesy but I especially like the first two tracks a lot

the second album, The Downward Spiral, is an essential listen

for a games analogy, I think of them as Silent Hill followed by Silent Hill 2, if that means anything to you