[PAWN] Devlog #1 ----> A 2.5D RPG

Hiya! I’m Mottley, and I’m making an RPG called PAWN, a game where you control a guy wearing a hoodie, and make them do some cool stuff, like battling monsters, if they even exist.

I have a lot in mind for this game. It will involve cool stuff like:

  • real-time battle encounters
  • a branching story
  • multiple main characters with unique stories.
  • mott

But talk is cheap, so here are some screenshots to tide you over while I conjure scenes from my mind into the 2.5D realm of PAWN


That is all for now.

hi Mottley! i love the art style and the lighting :sparkles: excited to see what else you have in mind. are the other main characters going to be playable?

Great style so far!

Really like the pixel style and the lighting. Kinda gives me Octopath Traveller vibes!

Hi there! Yes I do have in mind to make much of the main trio playable, and potentially some other side characters? Thanks for the comment :)!!

Thank you!! Hope to show off some more soon! :D!