pixel art workshop!

let’s talk about pixel art! share what you’re working on or illicit some feedback. this’ll probably get stickied, so feel to come back here if you got something feel free to bump again - no worries about the thread going stale or anything.

here are some of my recent-ish exploits

this is some tileset art i did (honestly a while ago) - where I was studying a lot from cave story at the time. it’s definitely a little different overall, particularly since i’m using an outline color. the tiling background art though I think cuts it very close to the original. these did end up in a little unreleased game just for me to see how it sort of looked as a whole.
more recently I’ve been trying at it again, for yet-disclosed reasons. I’m really not used to working without a dedicated outline color, so when i tried it here I think the rest of the palette ended up feeling a bit unbalanced (not enough contrast?). at this point i definitely have my own personal style that influences color theory, but it doesn’t feel quite like it calls forth ‘16 bit’ yet in the way cave story does ahaha.
probably my favorite thing about the study was this dust/smoke particle, which i’ll probably recycle into other things

these look gorgeous! i honestly like the lower contrast look, the set feels soft and nice on my eyes if that makes sense lol. great particles too, and everything feels cohesive. i def think your style stands on its own but the tiled bg did remind me instantly of cave story, but that’s a good thing i’d say! looks great

I like these a lot, especially the lower contrast tiles. They almost remind me of Kirby’s Dreamland 3 with its more muted colors, but I think they definitely have their own unique feel to them.

cool thread idea!

your tilesets are good looking. i like how geometric they are, and the way you use diagonals in your “dirt” tiles is interesting to me. i don’t see that often. the pastel-y palette in the second one gives me strong SNES vibes as hue mentioned before me. i would eat a game that looks like this! (don’t ask)

Your tilesets slap. I really like the colors of the first one. Working without outlines is great for a more natural and clear setting, being able to separate different elements with hue and contrast is hard but very rewarding.

Appreciate the response everyone! excited to see if you all are working on pixels too :eye: :eye:

I think this is what I was getting at when I mentioned I still needed some thought for the colors. I definitely don’t dislike how the colors feel overall, but i know its important for games without outlines to really make sure things like characters and enemies stick out from the environment

I think its just one of those things that you really need to adjust around in an actual application, or at least a mockup

Ahh gosh! Lovely to see a spritework thread.


This is one of the more impressive things I’ve done recently with spritework, I suppose. A friend who works at Obsidian commissioned me for a new icon of his favourite New Vegas character Primm Slim.

I’ve been really getting into dithering lately - Aseprite makes it just so incredibly easy to use and I adore the texture it adds; the animation was just kind of whatever, I don’t consider myself a sprite animator and have few aspirations to learn it.

Colour was also difficult to pin down with this one. I’m happy with the end-result, but any critiques would still be welcome! :heart: