POOOOL (WORKING TITLE) - A Small Incremental Physics Game

hello! i’ve been quietly working on a small incremental “pool” game where you fling balls of varying sizes and colors. you gain points when balls of the same color collide, combining into a bigger ball. If you run out of room in the play area, then it’s game over! it’s like 2048 but pool basically lol


my goal with this game is for it to be my first commercial steam release! i’m open to feedback about any aspect of it as well. i’ll try to share more as i go along, but for now i thought i would simply start with an introduction! thanks for reading :bowing_man:
:white_circle: :red_circle: :orange_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle:

that looks like a lot of fun! physic based puzzle-arcade games are very cool

major suggestion i would make: when two balls of the same color collide, make the one that grows the one that takes the impact and transfer the speed. ie. if ball A is thrown towards ball B, ball A collides with B, A transfers its speed to B, A disappears and B is grown. maybe try the other way too, but in any case consistency of the rules will be important for the player

thank you! ooo yeah that’s a great suggestion and sounds intuitive, i’ll def try to get that working and see how it feels