precision platformer of the year

This is Serious Business so I’ll be using Caps and Ponctuation correctly for the duration of this topic.
…just kidding lol

hi folks! @pannocatto, ClockMaker and i recently started working on a spiritual expansion to our ludumdare 53 game, Pizza Dash, a gimmicky precision/adventure platformer hybrid

this new game (call it pzd2 for now) is focusing on environmental narration through level structuring and its relation to movement (like most of the games i designed)

the custom engine i wrote for the project makes use of Tiled for room design. i conceived an entity based trigger system, that allows in world events to trigger many various effects, inspired by the very expressive geometry dash editor group system. you can see it in the screenshot bellow, the purple box in the bottom right is a touch triggered event that moves in the group 2 objects (in occurence, the uwu-girl object). groups are set through the object name in the editor, i intend on writing a tiled plugin if group management becomes too complex down the line

here’s a (possibly outdated?) screenshot of the first screen (note that the game is using a 4:3 aspect ratio, my screen is 3:2 so there is small black bands on the sides but it fits pretty well)

here’s some gameplay (and a cringe showcase at the end)

we’re about two weeks in now. this is a lot of work, so much that it might be hard to justify releasing it for free (this project is eating all my energy), but i really want to finish this because i think it’s really cool :)

i want to keep this first post short, if you have any questions/remarks regarding the engine, the game design or anything else go ahead and interact :>

i constantly forget whether to commit to capitalization/grammar on my posts

the animation/tweening on the player sprite makes the movement look super smooth even from just a viewer standpoint. something super satisfying about it! i feel like gifs of it should do pretty well

is the stock photo a loading screen - or a placeholder for some actual ‘level complete’ type graphic? i would say as a piece of feedback, so far, for a screen like that this seems more like a game where moving between rooms should feel continuous - so i would think about preloading everything unless you are planning on it being bigger, more discrete ‘levels’
also: parannoul spotted :)

what time is it? messy post time!!1

thank you! it was pretty easy to throw together (maths being

i’m super paranoid with performance and loading times, that’s part of the reason why i make everything myself lol. so yeah you’re right, it’s a placeholder for level complete. this choice was based on what games like super meat boy and katana zero do, having a end screen you can skip in 0 frames if you press a key (or disable it in the settings in the case of kz). i like skipping end screen idk why it feels so good

yeaaah i like that album. cloud rap×shoegaze feels very fresh

but on a (kinda weird) end note, i decided to take the project in another direction, because i felt i couldn’t move in very interesting design-wise from there. i really liked the movement, but designing levels for it felt like making x4 speed layout for geometry dash. until you get really good at playing it.

so yeah, rn it’s in a bit of a transitive state. we just fixed on a square layout in a larger rectangular viewport, i’ve a (much) slower, simpler gameplay that allows for interesting level design but much less cool movement (a tradeoff i’m not super happy with). basically hit your head on a ceiling to flip gravity

i swear it’s the same game

but to keep it short: the focus of the game changed drastically a couple of times (that’s how i work lol), but it is now at a point where i can work on it 5 to 8 hours a day without getting tired (the trick: making movement with a very high skill ceiling so i don’t get bored), and it feels pretty stable now

there’s some delay on the art side, but i hope it’ll come soon enough so i can start communicating on the project

i wanted to write a list of “what changed since [last post date]”, but i basically redid everything so take a look at this fancy video instead (same format as before, “somewhat normal gameplay” and then “i spent too much time playtesting” gameplay)