[COMPLETE] twky does the 0 hour gamejam

made a game for zero hour gamejam this year. i forgot it was going on until a half hour before it started after i went upstairs early because it turned out SNL last night was a pete davidson special, so i joined in with literally zero plan which is an awful plan considering the time frame.

its a little bullet dodger but the bullets don’t become active until you trigger them. you have to constantly press x to play your guitar which could start an electrical fire in the shower. you have to reload the page to play again if you lose. i dont think it would be fun or funny at all if not for the sound effects and stupid player animation

I had never used godots tilemaps system yet and about half the jam was spent trying to make a collision box on the floor tiles. so after i submitted i went back and added the rest of the game (the player sparks and enemy particles + the lose state for touching them) so i guess its the 1hourgamajam now. sue me…

i dont plan on touching this game project ever again after this thank you

this is the first upload to my itchio in 4 years. this is what the fans have been waiting for

wow cool concept! played a few runs, i could see myself playing to a fleshed out version of this game for hours lol (i’m very weak to arcade games)

some of the things i would have ‘completed’ it with:

  • proper restarting
  • score for # of times jammed
  • combo meter for number of jams performed in a single jump
  • random QTE prompts to make the game a mess of button spamming

but good LUCK getting me to work on this ever again ahahaha