Say hi everyone!

Say a few things about who you are, what you do, what you’re a fan of. Share some links - your itch, socials, personal site, portfolio, whatever. Let’s all chit-chat a while.

i’m tuckie. i made this site!
i got into indie games at just the point where forums were still useful but all simultaneously dying. so like the indiet i am, here i am now running the next dead forum. recently my focus has been webdev and lower level game engine and graphics libary work. I’ve helped a lot with upgrading performance for the javascript bindings to the raylib game framework. i’m also working on putting together a framework/engine of my own in rust, which hopefully i’ll be talking about here shortly.
I’m also into pixel art and love making little guys, trees, and tilesets.

for now I’m still on twitter: @bwuhhh
my website is and I’ve got some teeny tiny games at

howdy gamers. im goblin aka gracie. im both a professional and indie gamedev. professionally i work on Hytale and i make silly demos and wips in my spare time. in my spare time i also like to write short horror stories and make pixel art, tho i don’t always do a good job at sharing it consistently (maybe being here will change that?)

i love insects, the sea, and cooking and spending time layin in the grass doin bo diddly.

i have a silly website and im on twitter and tumblr as smallgamedev.

Hi everyone I just found this forum through twitter and signed up! It looks like a really great idea to try and build a small community around game dev and related creative stuff and the site itself looks and feels great to use.
I feel pretty awkward trying to make a post because usually when I find a new site or place with people talking I like to lurk for a while to get a feel for how the community functions and what’s going on but it doesn’t seem like there’s all that many people here yet, and I don’t want to just be silent so I’ll say Hi just to make my presence known :P

Hi, I’m Rezuaq. I used to hang out on creative forums/communities as a kid but sort of fell off that horse about a ten years ago, now I’m here because Twitter is imploding and I’ve also generally not had a lot of people to talk to about creative stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m more used to lurking and occasionally tagging in on random discussions, not so much the thread/topic starting type.

I post art (random drawings, mainly OCs) on, I have a “website” (Github pages) in which is a collection of random toy pages, I run a small Discord server for my (bespoke programming toy) bot Rezbot, and I am developing a small HTML5 platformer game that I haven’t really posted anywhere yet.

hello :wave::wave::wave:
i’m ardent, though i also go by trophyhusban online. i’m a game design student primarily interested in ui design for games. i’m joining here because i have been wanting to join a non-social media internet community for a while but find it impossible to keep up with large public discord servers.
i’ve worked on different kinds of games in the past, including a puzzle game, an rpg, and some weird web fiction. i also make zines! rn i am working on a sugary rhythm-fishing game called hook, which i may post about later :-)
it’s nice to meet you all!

thanks everyone for coming to check things out. I really wanna see what you have to show about your stuff - let me know if you’re not sure what form a devlog about it should take. i’ll be trying to put mine together over the next day or so as an example too.

hi i’m noa and i’m a game designer! i’ve made some small games (my, and lately i’ve been working on a pastel, halftone, photo collage vertical platformer :dizzy:

i miss forums and have been looking for more of a community, so i’m excited to be here! looking forward to posting more about my games and seeing what everyone else is working on


I’m Massena (any/all), and I try to do art and stuff. I’m an animation student who’s more focused on making games than actual movies. I work with with the unfunny guy that’s currently writing under this post.

I love pixel art, shitposting and staring at my screen for hours without any motivation to do anything. I also like the forum format, and am always interested in discovering small communities like this one.

You can find me on my website or newgrounds.

I’m going to lurk around, see ya :3

@Rezuaq I love your tumblr! How do you make clean shots of your pencil doodles/drawings?

hey! i’m kdx, i’m a someone who makes “games” and other cringe art stuff

creating games has been a thing in my life for more than 5 years now ( most of my works listed here)

i love talking about level design, game production, programming under constraints, games as an art form, death, photography, cinema, music and other stuff too probably

you can find some of my stuff on my website ( and cohost (cohost! - @kdx), i make games with the above cringelord (

… that’s enough i think

yoo, hi hi thanks for checking things out everyone! i remember seeing your indiepocalypse game, i think it came out one or two issues before i first had heard of indiepocalypse! your sites are both really really nice. just out of curiosity can i ask how you discovered the forum?

@pannocatto i love the really angular look in your pixel art, that’s a really unique style. maybe i should start like a general pixel art chat/critique topic

@kdx its sick that you have calculator games online - i first got into coding by checking out programs written on the calculators in my math classes and figuring out how to make games on mine. just dug my ti-84 out of a closet a couple weeks ago, but the batteries are corroded so i haven’t booted it to see if i have anything ive made still on it

kdx saw a post on mastodon by NextLevelBanana and shared it.

A topic related to pixel art would be fun, yes :D

ty! i love calculator games! it was a very welcoming space to me when i started, it’s a very cute indie space with multiple small communities making strange (and sometimes very ambitious!) games on low-power/low-cost platforms with no commercial pressure or overblown success metric to meet (although the entrepreneur mindset started to creep a bit in some calculator communities)

damn that’s so cool! i don’t know much about ti calculators but i figure any remaining data should be there even if the battery died, i would be curious to know what you made during your early years too

as pannocatto said, but just to be a bit more specific: it was a retoot from Natalie Lawhead (alienmelon)

last night i logged in to say thanks to nextlevelbannana because i had no clue i had been plugged elsewhere, and went to check the reposts of it and had to do a double-take when I saw that, hahaha! regardless thanks for checking things out - I’d love to have conversations about the goals of the site, and find out just what people are looking for out of a forum in a post-twitter world, so lemme know if you have any questions or ideas : )

Nice to see new faces!
I scan my drawings (I think scanners are kind of cheap nowadays? Mine is an old one I generously took with me when I moved out), and then use photoshop to modify the “curves” (basically the overall brightness dynamics, idk what other programs would call it) so the paper becomes practically white and the darkest pencil lines turn nearly black, to make it look black-on-white instead of grey-on-light-blue.

Thanks! I’ve always photographed mines and played with the levels, so it never looked good because of bad lighting. Perhaps I should consider buying one --’

Hi, I am a solo hobbyist developer and fan of old-school games, especially action and roleplaying games. I mostly take inspiration from classic games, and I try to study what made them work so well so that I can apply those lessons to my own work.

I work in Unity and post my games at My current project is Minerva Labyrinth, a dark magical girl dungeon crawler loosely in the Bard’s Tale / Wizardry style. This is a huge project compared to my previous game jam work, but it is well into development and is on track to be finished.

Hi everyone! This place seems cool, it reminds me a lot of the smaller game dev forums I was on pre-Twitter.

I’m hue (he/him), I make games and pixel art, and I also enjoy web development. I used to work with Game Maker back in the day but have been migrating to Godot for a while and am enjoying it a lot! I’ve got lots of unfinished prototypes, but I recently released my first finished game in a long time at It’s a Bomberman-inspired score attack game called Bombercat. I’m also finishing up a Castlevania-inspired platformer called Knifemare while working on other prototypes and ideas.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone better and see how everyone’s projects are going!

i’ve seen knifemare around before! excited to meet ya. offering some of the things pre-feed social media sites used to have is definitely the goal here ~~ so if there’s anything reminiscent from those days, let me know, i’m happy to work on adding things to the site